South of the majestic Tuolumne River Canyon and west of the incredible Yosemite Valley – that’s where the 49er gold miners found dazzling wealth by the panful, and where today’s adventurers still find wide open foothills and forests, and superb outdoor recreation.

At 2800 foot elevation, Groveland and Pine Mountain Lake, California get sunshine about 330 days a year in a dry climate, and just an occasional snowfall. It’s a perfect Sierra hideaway to retire, own or rent a vacation home or raise a family. I have packed this website with area information, homes and land for sale, and articles I’ve written on local real estate based on being a Realtor since 1987 and a local resident since 1977.

Meet “Pro” a scrub blue jay
Pro b
“I love living in this habitat! I’ll tell you why as we fly through this site”
Meet “Con” a steller blue jay
Con c
“Groveland is gorgeous, but
it’s not for every human”